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CJTHL Registration Information
The Central Jersey Town Hockey League (CJTHL) offers the only recreational youth league program which dedicates professional coaches to all players. Our program emphasizes the development of individual skills, understanding the game and having fun. CJTHL offers hockey leagues, camps, and clinics for players of all ages and ability levels.  Programs run and registration is open year round. 

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Hockey I.C.E.

Many of you have asked what the Hockey I.C.E. program is.  Hockey I.C.E. (Independent Coached Evolution) is an ice slot allotted to the coaching staff at Aspen Ice as a time to provide private lessons for players during the long off season. Listed below is the contact information, coaching fees, and specialties offered by the coaches we have on staff.


Coach Pat Pellegrino (
(Fee - Contact for details)
Focuses on power skating, stick handling, shooting, and overall skill development that makes a well-rounded player.

Coach Mike Petersen (732-690-7297)
(25$ solo lessons, 10$ for multiple players)
Focuses on power and precision skating, balance and coordination along with all the hockey fundamentals that follow.

Coach Rob Pellegrino (908-328-8308)
(Fee - Contact for details)
Focuses on power, speed, and players physicality. Rob is a defenseman for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights and is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to work on aggressive play and defensive skills.

Coach Kevin Brown (908-442 5145)
(15$ solo lesson)
Kevin played as a top defenseman on the Hunterdon Central High School team and was a team leader during their last season. Kevin is a powerful skater and is an excellent choice for any defenseman to work with any young skater interested in improving their skating and transitional skills.

Coach Brian Brown (908-442 5146)
(15$ solo lesson)

Brian is one of the most explosive forwards on the Hunterdon Central High school team and specializes in offensive work and stickhandling.

by posted 07/02/2014
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